Verlag Thomi~Berg

(formerly Philipp Grosch)

1926 The publishing house is founded by Philipp Grosch in Leipzig.
1926 - 1943 A successful publishing programme is built up with contemporary music for orchestra, chamber music, popular music for accordion and palm court orchestra, band music.
1946 - 1954 Following a wartime interruption a new beginning and rebuilding is completed in Osthofen and Dortmund.
1957 The company headquarters are transferred to Munich.
1957 - 1976 The publishing house now concerns itself mainly with the publication of educational material for wind instruments (Playing in Small Groups) and the series Das Bläserschiff, publishing original, mostly easily played music for symphonic wind band of German, Austrian and Swiss composers. The company thus becomes an upholder of the amateur wind band music in German speaking countries which after 1945 looks for new directions.
Acquisition by Thomi-Berg and continuation of business in this name.
1980 -
Expansion of the series Playing in Small Groups, under the guardianship of Herman Regner. Wind band compositions for concerts and competitions.

Continuation of the series begun in the nineteen-thirties, Women composers / Frauen komponieren. Numerous new publications for wind instruments, organ, zither, orchestra and chorus expand the company's list. Take over of the Tübingen publisher C.L. Schultheiss, specialist publisher of church music.

1994 Moved to new offices in Planegg by Munich.
Acquired C. L. Schultheiss, Tübingen, a specialist publishing company for church music.